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Automate Last-Mile of Tax
to Eliminate Busy Work 

Progressive firms are turning to AI and automation to reduce cost and save time

E-File Release

  • Unify all 8879s from multiple sources (email, e-sign, portals) into a single smart inbox
  • Digitally validate 8879s, state forms, FBARs, and all related documents (including signatures)
  • Automatically confirm 8879 accuracy versus your tax software and workflow
  • Automated e-file release to the IRS
  • Automated document storage of 8879s
  • Automated tracking and workflow updates

E-File Monitoring

  • Eliminate the painstaking daily task of tracking acceptance & rejection from the IRS
  • Automatically synchronize acceptance status into your workflow system
  • Digitally route and manage rejections
  • Automatically save acceptance documentation
  • Improve communication and tracking with reporting dashboards and exception reports 

Syncs with your existing workflow

Syncs with your existing document management system

New Feature!  The Digilence Cloud now fully integrates with SafeSend Returns for complete 8879 and e-file automation.

Automate the e-File release

Automatically save 8879 documents to your system

Automatically sync tax tracking status into your workflow system.


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