Hogan Taylor: Streamline Your Tax Process with the Digilence Cloud

Discover how Hogan Taylor, a leading accounting firm, streamlines their tax e-filing process with Digilence's innovative software solutions.

“Honestly, implementing the Digilence e-File release automation was so easy I thought I was doing some thing wrong. I recommend implementing Digilence for any tax team looking to eliminate busy work...any time of the year."  Graham Steen, Director of Tax Operations - Hogan Taylor

HoganTaylor and Digilence: Accelerating an Ongoing Digital Journey

Digilence is proud to partner with forward-thinking firms like HoganTaylor, a leader in the accounting sector known for its innovative approach to embracing digital transformation. Our collaboration in implementing the Digilence e-File release automation is a chapter in their long-standing journey towards digital excellence.

From the beginning, HoganTaylor has been on the cutting edge of digital innovation in the accounting industry. Our e-file automation solution was seamlessly integrated into their existing digital framework, enhancing their tax e-filing process with our state-of-the-art technology.

The Importance of Continual Digital Evolution in Accounting

In a world where tax regulations constantly evolve, HoganTaylor understands the importance of adaptability, accuracy, and efficiency. Our automation solutions aim to streamline tax operations, minimize manual effort, and liberate valuable resources. This vision aligns perfectly with HoganTaylor's “Get Better” approach, which embraces continuous improvement to processes to deliver remarkable services to their clients.

HoganTaylor has consistently utilized technology to enhance operational efficiency and client results. Our solution fits seamlessly into their digital landscape, improving their tax operations.

“The ease with which we could incorporate Digilence’s solutions into our existing systems was remarkable,” Steen said.  “This partnership has not only streamlined our operations but also reinforced our position as a technology-forward firm.”

Why HoganTaylor Chose Digilence: Complementing an Advanced Digital Strategy

HoganTaylor's choice of Digilence as a partner was a strategic decision driven by our proven track record, the ease of implementation, and the direct API connections with their preferred platforms. Our technology complements HoganTaylor’s existing digital infrastructure and propels them towards greater efficiencies and capabilities.

“Digilence’s focus on automation and their grasp of the accounting industry positioned them as an ideal partner to help us advance our digital capabilities,” Steve Perkins, Chief Information Officer at HoganTaylor, said. “Their technology is a key component in our ongoing strategy to leverage innovative solutions for operational excellence.”

Seamless Integration: Empowering HoganTaylor’s Digital Ambitions

Integrating our software into HoganTaylor's operations was a testament to the adaptability of our solutions and the firm's advanced digital readiness. The seamless implementation process highlighted the synergy between our organizations, allowing HoganTaylor to capitalize on our technology swiftly and efficiently.

“The Digilence platform has enabled our tax experts to reduce time on manual activities, freeing them up to focus more on strategic tax planning and advisory roles,” Steen observed.

Celebrating a Digital Milestone Together

Our partnership with HoganTaylor is an example of how strategic collaborations can amplify an already vigorous digital transformation agenda. HoganTaylor’s journey towards digital innovation didn’t start with us, but we’re honored to play a pivotal role in accelerating their progress. Together, we’ve achieved remarkable efficiencies and set new benchmarks in client service.

“Working with Digilence has reinforced our commitment to embracing cutting-edge technology. Their electronic filing automation tool is a vital enhancement to our digital arsenal, boosting our service capabilities and affirming our leadership in the digital era.” Perkins said.


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