Case Studies

Hogan Taylor: Streamline Your Tax Process with the Digilence Cloud

Discover how Hogan Taylor, a leading accounting firm, streamlines their tax e-filing process with Digilence's innovative software solutions.

“Honestly, implementing the Digilence e-File release automation was so easy I thought I was doing some thing wrong. I recommend implementing Digilence for any tax team looking to eliminate busy work...any time of the year."  Graham Steen, Director of Tax Operations - Hogan Taylor

HoganTaylor and Digilence: Accelerating an Ongoing Digital Journey

Digilence is proud to partner with forward-thinking firms like HoganTaylor, a leader in the accounting sector known for its innovative approach to embracing digital transformation. Our collaboration in implementing the Digilence e-File release automation is a chapter in their long-standing journey towards digital excellence.

From the beginning, HoganTaylor has been on the cutting edge of digital innovation in the accounting industry. Our e-file automation solution was seamlessly integrated into their existing digital framework, enhancing their tax e-filing process with our state-of-the-art technology.

The Importance of Continual Digital Evolution in Accounting

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Pinion CEO chooses Digilence for Tax Automation

Pinion automates “Last-Mile" of Tax to create efficiency

 Pinion pursued an automation strategy to achieve five goals. They wanted to:  

  1. Automate 35% to 50% of repetitive compliance tasks
  2. Free-up significant professional staff hours to create “capacity for scale”
  3. Deliver pro-active feedback to clients to enhance the busy season experience
  4. Streamline the busy season and improve workflow both internally and for clients

Payback and return on investment in less than six months

KCoe is early on their path to automation and digital transformation. Even so, they achieved a solid return on their investment within their first year of working with Digilence. “Automation of the last-mile of tax and e-filing process saves countless hours of staff time, says Jeff Wald, CEO of Pinion. “This will directly contribute to our ability to free up precious staff time and create capacity to grow."

The Digital Firm Journey with Digilence

“As we automate more of the full tax engagement with Digilence, we will see an even better return on our investment,” he says. "The goal is to free up as much compliance time as possible so our staff accountants can focus more on client service, delivering trusted advice and growing our practice."

To date, most of the work that Pinion has done with Digilence is on the tax side, but the company plans to expand automation across a full roadmap of processes in audit, tax, and compliance, as well as consolidate other outdated technology platforms leveraging “smart” solutions from Digilence.

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AAFCPAs signs with Digilence to Power the Digital Firm

AAFCPAs, a leading CPA and Consulting firm based in New England, signs on with Digilence, a cloud-based software platform that helps accounting firms digitize processes, automate repetitive tasks, and modernize firm delivery.  The platform uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, and intelligent document processing, and fully integrates with legacy systems.

“AAFCPAs remains committed to innovation and working smarter,” said Carla McCall, CPA, CGMA, AAFCPAs’ Managing Partner. “We continue to invest in tools and skills development to enable productivity and to engage our team members with higher valuework.”

The Digital Firm Journey with Digilence                                    

Our journey with Digilence advances as we add more “digital intelligence” with Digilence document management and electronic engagement letters. We're collaborating to broaden the scope of returns they handle, and we're also exploring opportunities across various areas within the firm where we may leverage the broader Digilence Cloud Platform, potentially phasing out other systems.

Significant Results:  AAFCPAs Releases Tax Returns Using Digilence Automation

Digilence increased our firm’s processing speed, and significant staff time has been reclaimed as our team members now only focus on exceptions. We eliminated significant overtime hours that were typical of previous deadlines and elevated our teams brain power to more meaningful work.
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