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SaaS Integration

  • Digilence delivers the only subscription-based integration platform dedicated to the Accounting Firm ecosystem.
  • Pre-built turnkey integrations for all your key systems
  • Connect and integrate all your engagement and client data systems together into a single data fabric
  • Leverage pre-built API integrations with all the leading systems
  • Comprehensive cloud integration to support data fields not available in vendor APIs
  • No coding necessary - Digilence delivers everything you to need to have plug-n-play integrations with your cloud systems

CRM, PM, Engagement, Workflow, Documents

SaaS Automation 

  • Create a single version of truth across client data and client workflow
  • Enable value-add automations around WK/CCH, Thomson Reuters, and IRIS systems
  • Leverages accounting-specific AI and ML data models to validate, consolidate, and unify your client data
  • Identify and improved data gaps and inconsistencies that stand in the way of becoming a Digital Firm
  • Bring your internal client data to life with a digital platform so you can leverage AI to its fullest

The best of AI for your internal data


  • Leverage full integration and automation interoperability between your cloud solutions and legacy solutions
  • Achieve UI automation in a fully autonomous manner to scale integration with legacy systems.   Include "hard to get" data points, even if they're not supported in APIs
  • Manage data agents and data handlers across your ecosystem of data sources
  • Treat documents as data sources, essentially integrating all client engagement content regardless of where it lives

No-code integration for Accounting Firms


  • A system that "knows” what each step is doing what across all the fragmented systems in your workflow
  • A system that "knows" where the data or automation gaps are, and knows when human intervention is required. Insert the human only when or where needed
  • A system that knows the optimum digital flow, and knows when to call each system for each step and the best way to source and normalize the data
  • An intelligent AI engine that can orchestrate any flow across legacy systems to assemble, deliver, engage, review and track any engagement flow

No-code automation for Accounting Firms

Implement in weeks 
Enable AI across your client data

* Leverage AI to validate all of your incoming client documents
* Leverage AI to turn all your client documents into structured data
* Create value and ROI leveraging your data and analytics

All your engagement data in one place

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Create more staff capacity, and eliminate manual busy work between systems

What They're Saying

"Pinion is committed to being on the forefront of digital transformation. Digilence is the right partner to get us there. Digital intelligence, powered by Digilence, can help firms overcome the top challenges in our profession." Jeff Wald, CEO - Pinion Global