Automate the Last-Mile of Tax to Eliminate Busy Work

Progressive firms are turning to AI and automation to reduce cost, save time, and free up thousands of hours to counteract the talent challenge.

Digilence delivers a scalable subscription-based product for the “last-mile” of Tax to automate the painstaking tasks of executing the E-file release, saving the 8879 document, updating workflow systems, and automatically updating workflow tracking and status across IRS Acceptance & Rejection.

This service can be implemented in 30 days, usually generates over 400% ROI helping firms return significant hours to the business to create more capacity.  (usually saves 30 minutes per return, and frees up 2-5 or more FTEs per firm).

Last-Mile Tax Automation Landing Site


The Digilence Cloud picks up where e-sign platforms leave off by automating a firm’s remaining pain points once a tax return is e-signed. This includes automation of e-file release, IRS acceptance and rejecting tracking, document management updates, and all related workflow updates to close the engagement. This eliminates countless hours of manual, repetitive effort for tax departments.
The Digilence Cloud takes each signed tax return package, completes additional validations of 8879s and all state authorization forms, and saves them automatically to the firm’s internal systems. Digilence then automatically executes the e-filing with the IRS, monitors the acceptance results, and performs all the back-office steps to update workflow and document management systems.

“We’re passionate about helping this industry embrace digital and leverage emerging technologies, but everyone is struggling to figure out where to start and how to scale capability,” added Loren Eckart. “We have changed the game with our SaaS approach by packaging all cognitive technologies in a way that is productized for this industry and therefore
accessible, affordable, accurate and turnkey for the firm.  Our offerings provide ubiquitous automation and can help firms transform with the many other tax, audit, and back-office products coming soon from Digilence”.