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Digilence integrates with Thomson Reuters: Unleashing the Power of Digital Intelligence for Tax Practices

Discover how the Digilence Cloud leverages digital intelligence and artificial intelligence for accounting firm customers using Thomson Reuters solutions.

Digilence Integrates with Thomson Reuters GoSystemTax, GoFileRoom, and FirmFlow.

As Thomson Reuters customers strive to streamline their engagement operations, they are turning to the power of APIs and automation. Digilence, a SaaS provider of innovative digital intelligence solutions, is leading the way in leveraging cloud integrations and open API technology to automate time-consuming compliance processes across multiple systems used by leading accounting firms. The Digilence Cloud now seamlessly integrates with Thomson Reuters systems, including GoTax, GoFile Room, and Firm Flow.

In its latest version, the Digilence Cloud introduces an integration Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) called Symphony® that embeds third-party integration and APIs into a suite of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products. This integration allows accounting firms to automate processes, increase productivity, and deliver more value to their clients. With Digilence, firms can unlock new opportunities for growth and efficiency in today's competitive landscape in professional accounting.

Digilence solutions help Thomson Reuters customers leverage AI & Automation 

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Digilence Announces Digilence Cloud 2.0 to Power the Digital Firm®

Top 400 Accounting firms to benefit from all-in-one no-code digital solution via the Digilence Cloud to automate and transform accounting firm operations.

ATLANTA, Sept. 1, 2022 -- Today, Atlanta-based Digilence, LLC which provides digital intelligence for accounting firms, has announced an expanded offering of digital solutions combining cloud integration, cloud automation, and cloud applications in a single subscription platform, tailored specifically for accounting firms. The Digilence Cloud delivers off-the-shelf integrations and automations to Power the Digital Firm and digitize inefficient processes across tax, audit, and the client engagement lifecycle for top 400 accounting firms.

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Automate the Last-Mile of Tax to Eliminate Busy Work

Progressive firms are turning to AI and automation to reduce cost, save time, and free up thousands of hours to counteract the talent challenge.

Digilence delivers a scalable subscription-based product for the “last-mile” of Tax to automate the painstaking tasks of executing the E-file release, saving the 8879 document, updating workflow systems, and automatically updating workflow tracking and status across IRS Acceptance & Rejection.

This service can be implemented in 30 days, usually generates over 400% ROI helping firms return significant hours to the business to create more capacity.  (usually saves 30 minutes per return, and frees up 2-5 or more FTEs per firm).

Last-Mile Tax Automation Landing Site

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